Friday, September 4, 2009

Lacy Clay Finally Responds - Sort of

As I reported nearly a month ago, I have attempted to contact Lacy Clay and his office on numerous occassions. I called and was told someone would call me back; that never happened. I emailed and have finally received a response, sort of.

Below, you will see a screen grab of the actual response that I received from Lacy Clay's office.

So, at least we know that Lacy and his staff know how to send email. Now they just need to know how to use Word to actually write it. Once they master Word, maybe someone can take a proofreading class down at Flo Valley or Forest Park. I am sure the St. Louis Community College would be more than happy to help them out.


Anonymous said...

This is about as bad as the apochryphal story about the "bedbug letter":

.... only without the snide remark by the high muckety-muck.

But we still get the message-- we "little people" are beneath their notice.

JAL said...

Why did I laugh out loud?

Because it's funny. And pathetic.

I note it was send Friday evening before the Labor Day weekend, so they probably haven't figured it out yet.

Gotta watch those twitchy fingers guys.

Nelson said...

I'm not surprised, my own state Idaho added conservative congressman (Minnick) last year because we had a vile and useless R (Sali) previously. I voted for the D for the fist time in a longtime. I have mailed Minnick several times and reminded him I am one of the thousands of Rs who voted for him and wanted to know his position on health care and stimulus and card check, but never received a response of any kind.

Nelson said...

should have been conservative D Minnick

rockville said...

I suspect he's made a promise to respond to every constituent letter. And he does!

He could have at least hit you up for a contribution.

Dactyl said...

Comment begins here.

JT said...

This is pretty funny. But, just so you know, most Congressional offices have interns deal with pretty much all constituent mail. Getting this letter just means that some college sophomore messed up with the email system.

Mark said...

I don't know which is worse. Thinking that a Representative can't handle a simple email, or that they can't hire a college sophomore that can handle email.

Sonar said...

You got a letter? All I got was a phone call (same message).
It's clear he has nothing to say to you and wants you to know it.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately he is my congressman too and all he cares about is running the congressional black caucus. I seriously doubt if he really cares what his white constituents have to say. I have written him on numerous occasions and get a stamped reply.

Middle Class Joe said...

I think Lacy and team are watching now. Check out my latest post and you will understand.

Thanks for stopping by.

Middle Class Joe