Monday, June 28, 2010

St. Louis - The Democrats' Paradise?

This is an older article that I stumbled upon that I thought I would share. Even though it is four years old, it brings up several points that are still relevant today.

American Thinker: St. Louis:The Democrats' Paradise

Here is a little snippet from this article -

.....Democrats have had complete control of the apparatus of voting here with the expected results. Vote fraud has been rampant for as long as I can remember, going back to the election of 1980 and before. Considering the fact that a Republican couldn't get elected trash collector here, it is absolutely amazing the amount of fraud which occurs. Remember the election of 2000 when 247,135 of 258,532 adults registered to vote? This 95.6% voter registration is a ridiculous number, clearly illustrating a massive effort to defraud.

In fact, deceased Alderman Albert 'Red' Villa was registered, as was a Springer Spaniel named Ritzy Mekler. A Judge friendly to the Clay dynasty in north St. Louis ordered that the polls be kept open late (allowing the busloads of voters to be shuttled from polling place to polling place) in a redux of then—Governor Kit Bond`s re—election campaign. A couple of days before the elections, future Congressman Lacy Clay was quoted as saying in 2000,

'If it requires keeping the polls open a little longer, we're going to get a court order to do it....'

Strangely, the polling places were flooded with voters, many of whom looked suspiciously like people seen at other polling stations. Anyone having trouble with their registration was sent to the Board of Election Commissioners to vote (no
questions asked), where they were given a ballot. Remember, the election
board is dominated by city Democrats.

So now, the question really is, are YOU ready to do what it takes to start taking our city, our county and the country back?

Monday, June 21, 2010

Attention MO 1st District Readers

I get emails and talk to people all of the time regarding their dislike of Lacy Clay. People on both sides of the aisle lament their disdain for him. Republicans complain a lack of qualified candidates and Democrats complain that there is just no one to run against him. This is the year to take action.

Whether you do not like Lacy Clay because of his stance on abortion, his stance on illegal immigration, his stance on health care, something else or all of the above, there are several candidates that are running to oppose Clay this year. I have interviewed three of those candidates on this blog and posted those interviews online. I know you all reading them because I have seen the hits. August 3rd is fast approaching and all of the candidates can use your support.

If you can skip the Starbucks coffee for a few days, you can donate $20 to one of the candidates. This will buy some yard signs or car magnets. If you cannot donate your money, donate your time by helping with flyers or make calls. DO SOMETHING. If you ARE doing something, talk to your neighbors, friends or fellow parishioners who you talk to. I know I talk to these people and hear their complaints. Usually they say they guess that will just not vote on that. Not now, not this time. Tell them to take a stand. If they are a Democrat and do not like Lacy, tell them to vote for Candice Britton. If they are a Republican, tell them to vote for Robyn or Martin. If they do not know who to choose, send them to this blog so they can read the interviews. I will re-post links to each interview at the end of this blog entry.

My friends. Lacy Clay is the type of politician we need to get out of office. Now, more than ever, we have the momentum on our side to get him out. He has proven himself to be a part of the machine that is ruining America. His support of Health Care, manipulation of the Census, attempts to circumnavigate the House Ethics Board and continued support of the Rent-to-Own and Payday Loan groups who victimize the lower income community are just samples of what he stands for. Everyone is sick and tired of his holier than thou attitude that has been documented all over the place. Please, work to support a candidate. Lacy can be defeated but it takes more than just complaining to do it.

Candice Britton interview - HERE
Robyn Hamlin interview - HERE
Martin D. Baker interview - HERE

Thursday, June 3, 2010

What Happened to Transparency, Lacy?

If you were not paying attention, you may not have heard about this. Apparently, a new resolution has been submitted by half of the Congressional Black Caucus that would change the rules of the Ethics Committee.

On May 28th, Rep. Marcia Fudge, D-Ohio, and 19 fellow Congressional Black Caucus members quietly introduced House Resoltion 1416, right before the Memorial Day weekend, that would limit the powers of the new independent Office of Congressional Ethics.

The Office of Congressional Ethics was formed by Congress in 2008 and is run by a panel of private citizens. The office, which doesn't have the power to sanction lawmakers, essentially serves as an advisory board to the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct. The House Standards Committee is run by lawmakers who are charged with policing their peers.

The citizen-run Office of Congressional Ethics is far more open than the notoriously secretive Congressional Standards Committee. The Ethics Committee publicizes its referrals to the Standards Committee even when the Standards Committee finds no violations.

Fudge's proposal would remove that power, and allow lawmakers on the Standards Committee to seal from public view the ethics office's findings on matters deemed meritless. Also, the resolution would make it harder for the Ethics Committee to initiate investigations, requiring a sworn complaint from a citizen claiming personal knowledge of an alleged violation. This change could prevent complaints from watchdog groups as well as investigative bloggers.

Another interesting tidbit is, it would prevent the Standards Committee from taking a referral from the Ethics Committee within 60 days before an election in which the subject of the case is a candidate. It does not specify if Primary Elections count or if it only a general election. If primary elections count, this means that a Congressman or Congresswoman would be void of jurisdiction for 120 days out of the 730 days of their elected cycle or roughly 1/6th of their term.

So what does any of this have to do with Lacy Clay? He appears to be one of the members that signed on to this resolution. A copy of this bill can be found HERE.

Why would Lacy Clay support a bill like this? Is he fearful that people are on to him and his shenanigans? Is he afraid of a Congressional body investigating his cozy relationship with the Rent-to-Own and Payday Loan groups? Or is he concerned about the large campaign payments he has made to his sister's law group? Is he fearful that something may come out during his divorce proceedings? Is he fearful that one of his competitors has something on him that could be used to muddy the waters of his re-election campaign? You have to wonder.

Stay tuned. With everything else going on in Lacy's world, this could get interesting.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lacy Clay and the Census

Lacy Clay is in chairman of the subcommittee in charge of the US Census. He touts this on his webpage and in many interviews that he has done. He talks about the importance of the census and how it is well worth our tax dollars..
What does it say about Lacy Clay that this kind of fraud and incompetence is allowed under his watch.

Just remember, the commanding officer is always the one ultimately responsible. That goes for you too Lacy.

Let's see if Lacy will man up and do something about it or blame the beurocracy that he is a part of. I expect him to try and setup a commision or a "blue ribbon" committee to investigage the matter. Even more likely, he will blame James O'Keefe for this.