Monday, June 28, 2010

St. Louis - The Democrats' Paradise?

This is an older article that I stumbled upon that I thought I would share. Even though it is four years old, it brings up several points that are still relevant today.

American Thinker: St. Louis:The Democrats' Paradise

Here is a little snippet from this article -

.....Democrats have had complete control of the apparatus of voting here with the expected results. Vote fraud has been rampant for as long as I can remember, going back to the election of 1980 and before. Considering the fact that a Republican couldn't get elected trash collector here, it is absolutely amazing the amount of fraud which occurs. Remember the election of 2000 when 247,135 of 258,532 adults registered to vote? This 95.6% voter registration is a ridiculous number, clearly illustrating a massive effort to defraud.

In fact, deceased Alderman Albert 'Red' Villa was registered, as was a Springer Spaniel named Ritzy Mekler. A Judge friendly to the Clay dynasty in north St. Louis ordered that the polls be kept open late (allowing the busloads of voters to be shuttled from polling place to polling place) in a redux of then—Governor Kit Bond`s re—election campaign. A couple of days before the elections, future Congressman Lacy Clay was quoted as saying in 2000,

'If it requires keeping the polls open a little longer, we're going to get a court order to do it....'

Strangely, the polling places were flooded with voters, many of whom looked suspiciously like people seen at other polling stations. Anyone having trouble with their registration was sent to the Board of Election Commissioners to vote (no
questions asked), where they were given a ballot. Remember, the election
board is dominated by city Democrats.

So now, the question really is, are YOU ready to do what it takes to start taking our city, our county and the country back?

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BirdsAreWild said...

It is important that voters from both sides of the aisle work to stop voter fraud. Voter fraud hurts all of us. We are from the Show Me State, it is time that we stand up and show the country that we believe in the Rule of Law and will not allow corruption to control us.

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