Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lacy's "IMPORTANT" Piece of Legislation

On June 29th, Lacy Clay sponsored a piece of legislation. Is this a piece of legislation to impact our federal deficit? Is this a piece of legislation that will bring much needed jobs to the area? Is this a piece of legislation that will audit the Federal Reserve, as he had previously committed to? No. Instead, Lacy presented H.R. 1486. This “important” bill would recognize June 11th 2011 as National Minority Golf Awareness Day.

Take a minute and think about that. Lacy Clay is sponsoring a bill to make people aware of minorities playing golf. If you want that kind of awareness, turn on SportsCenter. My God, Tiger Woods is talked about at least once a week.

This is ridiculous.

Knowing that Lacy does nothing without his personal interests at heart, I did a little bit of looking. It just so happens that 6/11/11 is around the time of year that the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation does their annual Mervin L Jones and Stephanie Tubbs Jones Annual Scholarship Golf and Tennis Classic. I say this because in 2010 this event was held June 12 – 14th and 2009 it was held June 6 – 8th. This information is easily available by doing a search on the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation website and doing a search for Golf.

A further search found that some of the contributors to this charity golf tournament were Lacy’s friends at the Association of Progressive Rental Organizations (APRO). We all know by now the close relationship Lacy has with these people.

I am sure that with the passage of this bill, Lacy and crew will milk this tournament for more money. Heck, maybe Obama will show up. God knows he has to get his down time with all the economic turmoil and all.

This is just another reason why Lacy needs to go.

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Robyn Hamlin said...

Lacy Clay is good at working on things like this but doesn't see the need to work on job friendly legislation. Last summer he wouldn't even hold town hall meetings in person and made the statement that he was only in town to see the workers on the new highway 40 working. It is time to remove Lacy Clay.


Robyn Hamlin
St. Louis, MO