Saturday, February 27, 2016

Shutting It All Down

I went quiet for a few years.  I did so, at first, to take some time to learn.  I sat here at my desk and at the office and had my opinions but I wanted to know more about the perspectives of others.  So in 2012 and 2013 I went quiet and I just listened, asked questions, went to meetings and places that I would not normally have gone to and I learned.

 It was in 2014 that life, as it does, caught up with me and all of my time and attention had to go to it.  For the past two years I have been dedicating myself to my work and family with little time for much else.

I have learned a lot in the past two years.  Have my fiscal conservative roots changed.  No.  Has my socially moderate leanings changed.  Slightly.  What I have seen change is the party that I grew up a part of.  The party of Lincoln and Reagan has become overly hawkish and demanding.  Rather than being the party of limited government and lower taxes, it has become the party of big defense and big spending.  In fact, the only difference between the Republicans and the Democrats is that the Republicans want to spend money on national defense and the NSA while the Democrats want to spend it on entitlement programs.  Both parties talk of fiscal responsibility but both want to just kick the can down the road.

When Rand Paul declared his run for president I was hopeful.  Here was a man that was talking about limited government and had practiced it during his time in the Senate.  He talked of a stronger defense but a smaller budget to the defense department.  He talked about lowering entitlement but also getting rid of huge sentencing for petty drug convictions.  He reached out to minorities and those that the Republicans did not talk to.  Early on he was the guy to beat, but then the Republican establishment and the clown Donald Trump stepped in.

Now, the only candidate worth a damn is gone and the rest of the Republicans are talking about defense and low taxes with no real way to do things like balance the budget or get us out of all of these wars.

The Tea Party movement and those of us involved early on were a movement of people that were tired of the government as it was.  We were tired of a bloated piglet suckling on the nipple of the American taxpayer.  We were mad at both Republicans and Democrats.  We protested and we voted.  In doing so we brought about change.  Unfortunately, our two party system has warped some of those individuals into falling in line and not standing up for the people that elected them.

Then, the Tea Party movement was infiltrated and warped into a division of the Christian Right who insisted on using it as a platform for God and country.  The Tea Party movement was never about God or Christianity.  It was about low taxes and the government staying out of our business.

Now, all those original Tea Party individuals are flocking to either Ted Cruz, who has some streaks of smaller government and individualism or the clown Donald Trump who talks a good game and is the "outsider" that people have been requesting.

Short of a miracle, this country is screwed.  We are either going to have a criminal and liar as our president or a reality show narcissist.

Maybe our country has gotten too large to govern the way it needs to be.  Or maybe we have been manipulated into believing that we must fall into a two party system that are two wings of the same buzzard.

It is for this reason, I believe that we MUST shut it all down.  We must break away from the two party system.  We must hold our elected officials accountable for their inaction.

We are like the Greeks and the Romans.  We, as a nation, are fat and happy and have little disregard for what is around us.  We are not paying attention and holding our government accountable for its actions.  It is because of us and our lack of action that we too, as a nation, will fall.

If you want to change this, then break away from the two party system.  Vote Green Party, Constitution Party, Libertarian or something else.  If you do not know how you really side, go and take their poll to see where you should fall.  Quit settling for the best of the worst.