Monday, August 31, 2009

Government Motors to Export Jobs to China

The company formerly known as General Motors announced today that they are forming a venture with the Chinese to produce more cars in China. Wow, I am so glad that now that the government and the unions own GM we are shipping our jobs overseas. To make matters worse, as reported by Reuters....

Vehicles made at the venture will carry the FAW brand and will focus on supplying the China market, but they could be exported under a GM brand through the Detroit automaker's global network in the future, Wale said.
Now, I am not a psychic, but I think you have your out clause right there. These cars will eventually make their way over to US soil. According to that same article, GM already produces several cars over there. Now, I know that I am getting older and they say that memory is one of the first things to go, but wasn't it candidate Barack Obama that said at the 2007 AFL-CIO Democratic primary forum

Q: The flip side to fair trade: how do you convince a working family that’s struggling to get by that buying American is still best for them, when American T-shirts cost $20 and imported ones are $10?

A: Look, people don’t want a cheaper T-shirt if they’re losing a job in the process. They would rather have the job and pay a little bit more for a T-shirt. And I think that’s something that all Americans could agree to.But this raises a larger point, which is:
globalization is here. And we should be trading around the world. We don’t want
to just be standing still while the rest of the world is out there taking the steps that it needs to in order to expand trade. Congress has a responsibility because we’ve got right now provisions in our tax code that reward companies that are moving jobs overseas instead of companies that are investing right here in the US. And that is a reflection of the degree to which special interests have been shaping our trade policy. That’s something that I’ll end.

Is it me, or does that contradict the actions of a government owned company. Wasn't it candidate and president Obama who made all types of statements about demanding that China have labour rights for their workers and enforce safety laws. It was also Barack Obama who said at the third 2008 Presidential Debate

For far too long, certainly during the course of the Bush administration with the support of Sen. McCain, the attitude has been that any trade agreement is a good trade agreement. And NAFTA did not have enforceable labor agreements and environmental agreements.And what I said was we should include those and make them enforceable. In the same way that we should enforce rules against China manipulating its currency to make our exports more expensive and their exports to us cheaper.
Where are the guarantees that these things are being met. IF they were there, Robert Gibbs would have trumpeted them upon high.

And where are the Unions and the media on this. The unions who demonized companies for sending jobs overseas have been quiet since the announcement of this deal today. There has not been a peep out of the UAW. The MSM has barely spoken a peep regarding this deal. It almost seems like they don't want anyone to really hear about it. I wonder why?

In addition, where is the outrage from our congressmen and senators. Seeing as we saw several cutbacks in labor back in July at our local GM truck plant, why isn't there a demand to have GM produce these vehicles here. Where is the demand that GM close its China plants in favor of building these vehicles stateside. This will never happen my friends and the reason is.....because China owns us. The spending by this administration and the Congress has us in so much debt and projected for even more, we have to keep China happy. What better way to keep China happy then build more non eco-friendly cars over there.

To quote the Bard, William Shakespeare, from Hamlet Act 1 Scene 4, "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark".

Friday, August 28, 2009

Glenn Beck Speaks the Truth

Glenn Beck really nailed it today. Just watch this and ponder.

All I can say is Wow.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Edward "Ted" Kennedy 1932 - 2009

Edward "Ted" Kennedy has passed. I pray for his family and for his soul. I think he will need it. I have sat on writing this for a day and almost did not until I nearly vomited due to the MSM regaling Ted Kennedy as some kind of bastion of goodness.

Ted Kennedy was nothing more than elitist, east coast, limousine liberal. He pushed through and supported many of the most liberal causes, was a failed presidential candidate and a murderer. Yes, I know it was reported as an accident, but only someone like a Kennedy could get away with it.

Let us be frank here. Kennedy was an opportunist and knew how to manipulate people and the government to his best interests. He learned this from his father Joe and was rather good at it. Robert, while still left leaning, had a moral code that he stuck with even when he was doing things that were unpopular (see going after the mob when it was a very strong presence in the union). Ted Kennedy did things to help Ted Kennedy and his family; no more and no less. Ted Kennedy pushed through bills to make more people reliant upon government, therefor guaranteeing him a job. Ted Kennedy was an opportunist who took advantage of every situation to keep himself and his family in power. When No Child Left Behind made him look good, he was right there with George W Bush, shaking hands and saying what a good man he was. 8 years later, the man who helped create the No Child Left Behind Act was a failure of the Bush administration.

There are those that say with the death of Ted Kennedy, we have the end of Camelot. I had to laugh when I heard this because Camelot is, of course, fiction. There never was a Camelot and everything about it was fiction. It was great story and oratory filled with grandiose ideas and grandeur but it was truly nothing but vapor. For this reason, it is fitting that the Kennedy family was considered Camelot. Basically, a lot of talk, but nothing of substance.

I am truly sorry that Ted Kennedy died and do not wish death upon anyone. That said, I will not waste a tear on a man that has done nothing more than create a larger bureaucracy and many more people dependant upon the government.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Hit Them Were it Hurts - An Update

My friends, I have been diligently working on collecting a list of corporate and PAC donations to all Missouri Democrats in the House of Representatives as well as those to Robin Carnahan. I must say the findings are very interesting. As you would guess, the unions are BIG donators to these guys and for some of them, make up a majority of their campaign fund donations, but insurance companies and healthcare related groups have donated a nice tidy some to these candidates.

AMERICAN SOCIETY OF ANESTHESIOLOGISTS POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE - This group has donated $5000 to Robin Carnahan and $3500 to Lacy Clay

AFLAC PAC - This group has donated $1000 to Cleaver, $1000 to Russ Carnahan and $1500 to Lacy Clay

EXPRESS SCRIPTS INC. POLITICAL FUND (A/K/A EXPRESS SCRIPTS PAC) - This group has donated $1500 each to Clay and Russ Carnahan

AMERICAN DENTAL ASSOCIATION POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE - This group has donated $1000 to Skelton and $5000 to Russ Carnahan

There are also several smaller donations to various campaigns by hospital associations.

Looking at this makes me wonder. Why would groups that make money on healthcare choose to put their PAC dollars behind campaigns that are out to completely change healthcare. It makes you wonder, is there something in this bill for them? It is something I am going to have to look into.

What do you think?

Friday, August 21, 2009

FOUND - Lacy Clay

Thanks to the good people over at Missouri Political News Service our Congressman has been found. Where was he that he could not attend to the needs of his constituents? He was in Ghana with several other Congressman to help. According to Ghana Business News, he is part of a delegation that is there to "encourage trade and investment between Ghana and the United States". The Congressman is working hard on these trade and investment relations, staying at plush seashore resort that runs $275 - $590 a night. I am sure, Congressman Clay is so concerned with our tax dollars that he is bunking up with the other members of this delegation.

And who else is in this delegation? None other than Congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee (D) of Texas, Congressman Steve Cohen (D) of Tennessee, and Congresswoman Gwen Moore (D) of Wisconsin.

Clay's peers have all had the time to have town hall meetings during the recess, yet for some reason, this trip must have taken up all of his time. We know what happened to Shelia Jackson Lee at her meeting. Maybe that was her travel agent on the phone instead of the "Healthcare hotline" she claims it was.

I am so glad to see that our Congressman from St. Louis is taking it easy on our dime, not meeting with his constituents. He did go out and get a tour of Highway 40 at one point during the recess, so at least we know that he set foot on Missouri soil at some point and time. During that video he said he was going to forgo healthcare meetings so he could meet with the people of St. Louis. OK Congressman Clay, who are you meeting with? Are you SO busy with meetings that your staff cannot respond to calls and emails? We need to get this bum out of office.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Where in the World is Lacy Clay

I have called, I have emailed and I have looked online and nowhere can I find Congressman William "Lacy" Clay. He is not having any open house or town hall meetings. He is not responding to emails from his constituents. His staff is not returning calls from his constituents.

What ever shall we do?

I know that a lot of attention has been paid to Russ Carnahan in the third district and rightfully so. We still have another Congressman in St. Louis who is just as, if not more liberal than Russ. William "Lacy" Clay has been lock stop with the DNC and Barack Obama. He appears to have no concerns for his constituents who are not in St. Louis city and those municipalities nearby. Since redistricting in 2001, Lacy Clay represents Ferguson, Florissant, Hazelwood, Maryland Heights, Spanish Lake, St. Louis, and University City. Since that time he has done little to nothing to reach out to those not in or directly nearby the city. It appears that he does not care too either and once again it looks like he is going to run unopposed in 2010. I know that trying to find an opponent to run against Clay and win with his district is tough. At this point, many of us would settle for a RINO over one of the most unabashed Liberals in St. Louis.

In a related matter, my ongoing project to hit these Congressmen where it hurts is going well. I have found all of the company PAC's that donated to every Congressman in Missouri as well as Robin Carnahan. I am working on a letter that can be emailed to each company letting them know your displeasure and your willingness to not use their products/services if they do not pull their contributions or use their influence to listen to the will of the people.

Please let me know your thoughts, I would love to hear from you.

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Truth Courtesy of Bob Hope

One of the best movie lines ever came from Bob Hope back in a 1940 movie called "Ghost Breakers".

Boy did Bob get it right or what?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Myth of Charity

There is a general myth in America that is perpetuated by the MSM that Liberals care and give more to their community and the country. A study released in the book "Who Really Cares: The Surprising Truth About Compassionate Conservatism" proved otherwise. According to this study released in 2008:
    • Although liberal families' incomes average 6 percent higher than those
      of conservative families, conservative-headed households give, on average, 30
      percent more to charity than the average liberal-headed household ($1,600 per
      year vs. $1,227).
    • Conservatives also donate more time and give more blood.
    • Residents of the states that voted for John Kerry in 2004 gave smaller percentages of their incomes to charity than did residents of states that voted for George Bush.
    • Bush carried 24 of the 25 states where charitable giving was above average.
    • In the 10 reddest states, in which Bush got more than 60 percent majorities, the average percentage of personal income donated to charity was 3.5. Residents of the bluest states, which gave Bush less than 40 percent, donated just 1.9 percent.
    • People who reject the idea that "government has a responsibility to reduce income inequality" give an average of four times more than people who accept that proposition.

Now, just imagine if these same Liberals, who want to force you to give up your rights and money through taxes and laws, would just spend a little more time donating their personal time and money. Think of how much better the country would be. Just think about it.

Of course we all know that the Liberal philosophy of giving has nothing to do with actual charity. Instead it has everything to do with the redistribution of wealth.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Problem with H.R 3200 America's Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009

I have seen quite a bit of traffic lately going into my article on True Healthcare Reform. Specifically, people have come to it trying to figure out why people are against healthcare reform.

Let me first say, I do not think anyone is against healthcare reform. I believe everyone agrees that the system needs some changes. That is just an undeniable fact. When you hear about polls stating that people believe we need healthcare reform, they are agreeing to that generic statement. What I and many other people have a problem with is the way that healthcare reform is currently taking form.

There are some basic principles of the system that are what cause a lot of grief. Sometimes it is not what is exactly in the bill, but what roads it will make us go down. I understand that there are different version of the House bill, so I am not going to talk about all of the proposed amendments and will stick with H.R 3200.

Here are some of the concerns I and others have with this bill:

  1. You cannot have an entity participate and create the rules. If the government is one of the active players who can offer insurance, they will have an unfair advantage over all other insurers. Anyone who has ever worked with the government is well aware of a nice little clause they place on all of their contracts. This clause is called “Most Favored Nation”. What this clause basically states is that no entity can get a better price than the government. That means that even if another insurer sends more patients to a doctor, hospital, etc. they cannot get as good of a discount as the government. This gives the government an unfair advantage compared to other insurers. Add on top of that, that there is no requirement that this government sponsored/public plan make money, the government does not have to worry about shareholders, profitability, etc. The only requirement is that the plan is deficit neutral. With everything I said here being true, how can a for profit or even a non for profit company compete with a government entity that always has the upper hand. Add to that, the government can and does change the rules when it sees fit. If you just look at Medicare Part D, the government is changing the way it pays for prescriptions so that they are guaranteed to pay a lower reimbursement for drugs than its non Medicare competitors. Just so you know, Medicare prescription coverage is not the largest insurer out there, so they are not getting the best price because they bring the most customers to the table.

  2. Government oversight is a big concern to a lot of people. The idea that a government entity could choose the best treatment based upon an unknown set of codes is problematic at best. Right now, doctors use standards that are set up by professional organizations made up of practicing peers. Insurance companies use a similar standard made up of licensed nurses (who have worked in offices and hospitals), doctors (who have worked in offices and hospitals) and management within the insurance company. There is no guarantee that the government will do the same. If the current standard is any indication, this board would be made up of academics that have never practiced or have not practiced in over 15 years as well as bureaucrats. This is where the whole concept of the death panel Sarah Palin has talked about came from. When President Obama states that he questions the logic of giving a new hip to a terminal cancer patient, that sounds all well and good, but it is what he is not saying that is important. Like many people, I have had and known people who had terminal cancer and were given 6 months or less to live. These same people wound up living for 3 or more years. Randy Pausch is a perfect example of this as he was given 3 to 6 months and lived a year. Randy gave what may be one of the best lectures ever in The Last Lecture. Based upon things Obama has said, a person diagnosed with terminal cancer would cease to get treatments. In other words, a panel would judge your worth and determine if you are worthy of having money spent on you. I do not think anyone wants the government making that determination. That is a slippery slope that a government can go down and one that leads to allusions of Logans Run.

  3. Why does this have to be passed so quickly? It sounds great to say that you want to get this passed quickly so every American can be covered. That is completely bogus. To put together a working program to cover a country and population this size, you must take your time and ensure that there are not loopholes. President Obama promised as a candidate, transparency and committed to showing the forums and discussion on C-Span. Where is the transparency? The whole program has been rushed through. Congressmen admit that they have not had a chance to read it, yet Nancy Pelosi and the like want to vote on it immediately. Why? This does not make sense. It is as if they do not want everyone to know what is in the bill. Why not take the time to put together a good bill that everyone can read and reflect upon. This is not a national emergency. We are not in a state of crisis. Many Democrats argued that the Patriot Act was rushed through Congress before everyone had a chance to review it.

  4. Why is the standard they asked for during the Bush Administration any different now?
    No one can seem to agree with what is in the bill. If you blog, read the papers and watch the news like I and many Americans do, you will find that anytime a Congressman or Senator get off of talking points, they say things that are contradictory from their peers. Today alone Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren was caught on
    video admitting that one of the proposed House bills would require the public plan cover abortions, when others state that is not the case. Which is it? President Obama states that you can keep your insurance if you want to, yet on page 16 of the latest version of the healthcare bill it states that no new policies can be enacted after a certain date. Read the bill which you can find here. Which is it. As I stated earlier, why does it have to be passed so quickly, especially when those that are voting on it do not even know what it says.

Let us have a civil debate. I know President Obama promised healthcare reform. We all want to see some sort of healthcare reform, but it does not need to be rushed through. Put together something that patients and healthcare providers can work with. Put together a plan that works piecemeal, with stop gaps. We are talking about a program that would be bigger than any other healthcare plan in the world. Let's do it right the first time.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

No More Town Hall Meetings?

This is coming from Per their website, they are showing that none of the Democrats in MO are holding any more town hall meetings in St. Louis. Right now the only ones that are planned in Missouri are Claire McCaskill's on 8/10/09. Those are:
  • Three Rivers Community College, 2080 Three Rivers Boulevard, Poplar Bluff, MO at 02:30 PM
  • Southeast Missouri State University, 1230 First Street, Kennett, MO at 09:00 AM

That's it, nothing from Lacy Clay, nothing from Russ Carnahan. If these guys are holding them, they are not publicizing them. I have calls into Lacy Clay's office asking if he is having any. I was told that a representative would call me back. Let's see if he will actually do it.

Updated 8/11/09

Lacy Clay has yet to call or email me back. I called his office again and was given the run around asking if I was a constituent. I am beginning to think that maybe he is not going to have any public forums. Unfortunately it does not look like anyone is going to run against him, so maybe he figures he has no need to.

We need someone to run against this man and expose him for the fraud that he is. Much like Russ Carnahan, Lacy Clay is running on his father's name and the fact that his district was re-districted so that those in the North County are lumped in with North City and get stuck with someone who does not care to represent all of the area he serves.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Hypocracy of Liberals

Liberals are the biggest hypocrites around. For anyone reading or following this blog, that is no surprise to you. These are the people that in 2008 told their followers to get in the face of Republicans, these are the people that would organize and bus in protesters and these are the people that will call you a racist, fascist, etc. the second you start destroying their arguments with a little thing called logic.

I have been asked by some people why I do not post my real name and pictures. I have already had one person say that I am a coward that his hiding behind the Internet. To a degree, that person is right. I do not use my real name nor post pictures of me because I am a father who is the sole bread winner for my family. My wife and I chose for her to stay home so my kids do not have to go to a babysitter at 6 or 7 in the morning and picked up at 5 or 6 in the evening. So my kids can have the parental interaction that neither of us had. This was a decision that we made long before we had our kids. We agreed that whomever was making the most money and had the job with the most potential would continue to work and the other would stay at home with the children.

Liberals do not play fair. They are hypocrites who cry foul if anyone other than them plays dirty. I do not give details on myself or my family for their protection. I work for one of many big corporations in the St. Louis area and I like being employed and having the position I have. I do not want to jeopardize that. I choose to participate in the background. I will still attend Tea Parties and sign petitions, but I am not ready to come into the public eye.

I am angry with the way our country is being handled. I hate the way our representatives treat us. I am going to do the best I can to make sure that Lacy Clay, Russ Carnahan, Clair McCaskill and Barack Obama do not continue to hold office. With that said, I have to do what is right to protect my family and our way of life.

I am making some very good strides in my effort to hit them where it hurts and I will continue to work on that and any other effort I can behind the scenes. Laugh me off or discount me if you must, but I am not going away.