Monday, August 24, 2009

Hit Them Were it Hurts - An Update

My friends, I have been diligently working on collecting a list of corporate and PAC donations to all Missouri Democrats in the House of Representatives as well as those to Robin Carnahan. I must say the findings are very interesting. As you would guess, the unions are BIG donators to these guys and for some of them, make up a majority of their campaign fund donations, but insurance companies and healthcare related groups have donated a nice tidy some to these candidates.

AMERICAN SOCIETY OF ANESTHESIOLOGISTS POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE - This group has donated $5000 to Robin Carnahan and $3500 to Lacy Clay

AFLAC PAC - This group has donated $1000 to Cleaver, $1000 to Russ Carnahan and $1500 to Lacy Clay

EXPRESS SCRIPTS INC. POLITICAL FUND (A/K/A EXPRESS SCRIPTS PAC) - This group has donated $1500 each to Clay and Russ Carnahan

AMERICAN DENTAL ASSOCIATION POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE - This group has donated $1000 to Skelton and $5000 to Russ Carnahan

There are also several smaller donations to various campaigns by hospital associations.

Looking at this makes me wonder. Why would groups that make money on healthcare choose to put their PAC dollars behind campaigns that are out to completely change healthcare. It makes you wonder, is there something in this bill for them? It is something I am going to have to look into.

What do you think?

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