Thursday, August 27, 2009

Edward "Ted" Kennedy 1932 - 2009

Edward "Ted" Kennedy has passed. I pray for his family and for his soul. I think he will need it. I have sat on writing this for a day and almost did not until I nearly vomited due to the MSM regaling Ted Kennedy as some kind of bastion of goodness.

Ted Kennedy was nothing more than elitist, east coast, limousine liberal. He pushed through and supported many of the most liberal causes, was a failed presidential candidate and a murderer. Yes, I know it was reported as an accident, but only someone like a Kennedy could get away with it.

Let us be frank here. Kennedy was an opportunist and knew how to manipulate people and the government to his best interests. He learned this from his father Joe and was rather good at it. Robert, while still left leaning, had a moral code that he stuck with even when he was doing things that were unpopular (see going after the mob when it was a very strong presence in the union). Ted Kennedy did things to help Ted Kennedy and his family; no more and no less. Ted Kennedy pushed through bills to make more people reliant upon government, therefor guaranteeing him a job. Ted Kennedy was an opportunist who took advantage of every situation to keep himself and his family in power. When No Child Left Behind made him look good, he was right there with George W Bush, shaking hands and saying what a good man he was. 8 years later, the man who helped create the No Child Left Behind Act was a failure of the Bush administration.

There are those that say with the death of Ted Kennedy, we have the end of Camelot. I had to laugh when I heard this because Camelot is, of course, fiction. There never was a Camelot and everything about it was fiction. It was great story and oratory filled with grandiose ideas and grandeur but it was truly nothing but vapor. For this reason, it is fitting that the Kennedy family was considered Camelot. Basically, a lot of talk, but nothing of substance.

I am truly sorry that Ted Kennedy died and do not wish death upon anyone. That said, I will not waste a tear on a man that has done nothing more than create a larger bureaucracy and many more people dependant upon the government.

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