Friday, August 21, 2009

FOUND - Lacy Clay

Thanks to the good people over at Missouri Political News Service our Congressman has been found. Where was he that he could not attend to the needs of his constituents? He was in Ghana with several other Congressman to help. According to Ghana Business News, he is part of a delegation that is there to "encourage trade and investment between Ghana and the United States". The Congressman is working hard on these trade and investment relations, staying at plush seashore resort that runs $275 - $590 a night. I am sure, Congressman Clay is so concerned with our tax dollars that he is bunking up with the other members of this delegation.

And who else is in this delegation? None other than Congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee (D) of Texas, Congressman Steve Cohen (D) of Tennessee, and Congresswoman Gwen Moore (D) of Wisconsin.

Clay's peers have all had the time to have town hall meetings during the recess, yet for some reason, this trip must have taken up all of his time. We know what happened to Shelia Jackson Lee at her meeting. Maybe that was her travel agent on the phone instead of the "Healthcare hotline" she claims it was.

I am so glad to see that our Congressman from St. Louis is taking it easy on our dime, not meeting with his constituents. He did go out and get a tour of Highway 40 at one point during the recess, so at least we know that he set foot on Missouri soil at some point and time. During that video he said he was going to forgo healthcare meetings so he could meet with the people of St. Louis. OK Congressman Clay, who are you meeting with? Are you SO busy with meetings that your staff cannot respond to calls and emails? We need to get this bum out of office.


David said...

An interesting editorial on Jackson-Lee's (including Lacy Clay) trip to Ghana can be found here:

Middle Class Joe said...

Thanks for the comment and the article link. That is a very interesting perspective that I am sure many people have not even heard or thought of.