Friday, September 18, 2009

HR 3200 = Unconstitutional

For some time now, pundits have asked the question," does the federal government have the right to mandate healthcare?" Those who advocate it, compare it to requiring a license and insurance to drive. The problem with this argument is, you are not required by law to drive. There are many people who do not have car insurance as they do not own a car or drive. For that matter, there are many people in major metropolitan areas that do not even have a drivers license.

I believe that requiring healthcare is a major infringement on our rights. In addition, penalizing someone for not having healthcare is an infringement on my rights. I believe that the US Government requiring to know whether or not I have healthcare not only goes beyond Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution, but also goes against my right to privacy. The federal governement has the right to census, but no where does it state that it has the right to know my level of health care coverage. I should have the choice whether or not I have healthcare.

If you want to be well armed in this debate, I recommend you read an article in WSJ by David B Rivkin JR and Lee A. Casey titled
Mandatory Insurance Is Unconstitutional. Of all the articles and pundits I have heard on this subject, this one is probably the most succinct and the easiest to read.

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