Monday, September 14, 2009

Barack Obama = Manchurian Candidate?

Let me state for the record that I do not believe that Barack Obama has been hypnotized by the Chinese or any other government to turn this great county into some sort of Communist utopia. That said, I do believe that Barack Obama is an idealist that has been manipulated by those who believe in his ideals and can make money off of it.

I have held off on writing this entry for awhile because I was afraid that posting it would make me seem like some fringe lunatic. The problem is, the more digging I have done, the more I begin to believe it.

Rather than me convince you, just ask yourself this:
  1. Is it coincidence that George Soros, a huge Obama supporter, made millions off of his investment in Brazilian oil companies thanks to Obama's pledge to invest in offshore drilling in Brazil.

  2. Is it any coincidence that GE is working closely with the White House to craft carbon "Cap and Trade" bill. Consider that GE is the largest producer of wind turbines in the world. They are also one of the largest producers of turbines and equipment used in hydroelectric electricity generation. Add to that GE's hands off approach in adjusting the format of the extremely liberal MSNBC even though it is bleeding ratings even compared to CNN.

  3. Is it any coincidence that two of Barack Obama's advisers are Bob Rubin and Jon Corzine. If you do not know who they are, they are the chairman of Citibank and the former chair of Goldman-Sachs and now governor of NJ. Now didn't those two companies get some bailout money from the government shortly after he took office.

  4. Is it any coincidence that ACORN, a community activist group, received millions of taxpayer dollars to "help those in need" and to assist with the upcoming census. It is only after being caught on tape that they were removed from consideration for assistance with the census.

  5. Is it any coincidence that Barack Obama has several connections to people who most of society would consider to be radical. Just look at the people he has worked with (Bill Ayers), prayed with(Jeremiah Wright) and had as a member of his cabinet (Van Jones). For even more detail, go to this link for even more detail of some of his radical affiliations. Hat tip to Diamond Tiger for all of the great research.

Barack Obama's idealism lets him see the best in people. He sees people for their good and potential. Because of this, he does not think that people are lazy or that people use others. He thinks anyone who is poor or downtrodden is there because of bad circumstance and not because they are lazy or not willing to work. This kind of attitude attracts opportunists and radicals and that is exactly what happened. People saw this attractive young man with a great story who people were drawn to and decided to take advantage of it.

So now you have this great guy who is in the Senate and made a big splash with a speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention.

Two years later, you have a Republican president with unfavorable ratings, the Democrats coming in strong in both the House and the Senate and the public wanting change. This bode well for those progressives that wanted to take advantage of the situation. The rest, as they say, is history.

So where does this leave us? Barack Obama is seeing the country revolt over his policies. His friends and acquaintances are seeing additional money roll their way, their policies they have long advocated put into action and their companies bailed out. It seems the longer he is in office, the more questionable associations we see.

Is Barack Obama an idealist who is being used by powerful businessmen and progressives or is he a progressive politician with a 60's progressive agenda? So, what do you think, am I over thinking this or is there something to this?

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