Friday, September 25, 2009

Quick Thoughts

What does it say about the president when the world leaders that are the most vocally supportive are also some of the most tyrannous despots in the world?

Why is it that the Democrats will not endorse the
Wyden-Bennett amendment which will do what the President committed to and allow people freedom of choice of their health care plan?

How many "Czars" does Obama need? I am all for delegation but isn't 34 a little much?

If Michael Moore hates capatilism so much, why is he worth over
$50,000,0000? Isn't it capatalism that helped him make all of his money?

What would our country be like if the Democrats of today were in the Senate and House back in World War II? Would they have demanded we get out because the war was going on to long and too many people were dieing?

Do you have any additional thoughts?

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