Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lacy Clay & a Call to Action

So, I sent Lacy Clay an email 10 days ago and have not received anything but an auto reply. I personally doubt that he will ever respond. Why is that, because I truly believe he does not care.
Lacy Clay was born in St. Louis but not raised here. He was raised outside of DC while his father served as the Congressman for St. Louis. Everything Lacy has done has been geared towards being a professional politician. Other than go on expensive “fact finding” trips and tour the region, we see little action from him that benefits the St. Louis area.

Where was Lacy Clay when American Airlines started laying off St. Louis employees. The only thing we heard was a press release talking about how he wants “to do everything possible to help the employees who are directly impacted by this decision.” We have not really seen anything come from this. In fact, American has continued to cut flights and services here in St. Louis. To make matters worse, in 2008 Lacy Clay endorsed American creating a Chicago to Beijing route. Why endorse the creation of a nonstop flight from already busy O'Hare when St. Louis could readily handle this operation? Could it be because American Airlines PAC has donated a total of $6000.00 to Clay’s re-election campaign since 2002?

Where was Lacy Clay when Ford was threatening and then closed the Hazelwood assembly plant? Yes, he was appointed by Gov. Bob Holden to a committee to keep the plant from closing, but we know nothing ever came from that. In fact, it was only after Clay’s inaction and the Ford plants closure that Clay’s campaign received a $1000 donation for his 2008 re-election campaign. Additionally, it was only after President Obama was elected that Clay elected to do anything to try and support local auto manufacturers. It was after Obama’s win in the presidential election that Clay endorsed the bridge loan for the US auto industry and more recently praised the “Cash for Clunkers” deal. Of course we know that “Cash for Clunkers” really benefited the foreign manufactures more than those in the US. Ford was the only company to make the top 5. GM and Chrysler were non existent.

Let’s be honest here. Lacy Clay is an extreme liberal who would love nothing better than to see nearly every job fall under organized labor and have most industries nationalized. His backing of cap and trade and his refusal to support President Bush’s efforts to end the Federal ban on offshore drilling show partisan politics at its best. He demands green energy but at the cost of current jobs. Of course his answer is to have these individuals and families become more reliant upon the government. In addition, Lacy Clay does nothing to help those and represent those of us who are not North St. Louis city dwellers. When we were at risk of losing the Ford plant and the hundreds of jobs that are associated with it, where was he? When American Airlines began cutting St. Louis staff, where was he? During his time in office, Clay has done little more than promote a yearly jobs fair, push jobs financed through Federal spending and increasing unemployment benefits. Read his own press releases and you will see this.

That is not what North St. Louis County and City need. We need someone who is going promote both white collar and blue collar jobs. We need someone who is going support and pass laws to lower our taxes and make it easier for every one of us to live our life to the fullest without government being a part of it. We need someone with a proven track record for creating jobs and slashing expenditures. We need someone who has done more than be a professional politician. We need to quit looking at his race and the fact that his father held this seat up until his retirement in 2000. Too many times people continue to give up and assume that it is a no win scenario. It is not. This is not a black or white thing; this is not a Republican or Democrat thing. This is a, we need someone who can truly work for their constituents thing.
With the right person, we can make a difference and get rid of this do nothing. I would step up, but I honestly do not have the experience, the connections or the money to make a legitimate go of this. That is why I ask, no I beg, someone PLEASE step forward and be the candidate we need. There are many people that will support you. With our debt growing and jobless rates going up, can we afford to have Lacy Clay in office?

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