Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Clay Willing to Go the Distance - For Rent To Own Industry

Lacy clay stood up for the people he represents. He stood up and said that he was prepared to "go the distance". Too bad the people that he is willing to go the distance for is the Rent to Own Industry.

The rent to own (RTO) industry just kicked off their annual event in Washington DC, where Lacy Clay met with his constituents campaign contributors to tout his loyalty to their cause. If it were not so sad it would be funny. The RTO is now trying to claim that the bill Clay is sponsoring, HR 1744, which I detailed HERE, is a "jobs" bill.

The president of the RTO industry group APRO is claiming that if this bill passes, there will be rapid expansion of the rent to own industry which will create more jobs.

This is just sad. What is worse is Lacy Clay and the last quote from this article. Rather than promoting fiscal responsibility, or promoting savings during these tough economic times, Lacy says,

"My constituents need a variety of financing alternatives to be able to have all the modern conveniences others enjoy," Clay said. "We have a cause I believe in and am willing to fight for. I'm fired up and ready to go."

Yeah, because people really need to pay $2500 over a two year period for a no name big screen TV that they could save up and buy from Best Buy for around $700 with out it being on sale. Check it out for yourself. Go to a National Rent to Own site and look at the brands and prices. These are off brands that with financing will run over two times their true worth. Lacy should be ashamed of himself for promoting this fiscal irresponsibility and instead promote savings instead of instant gratification.

You can check out this info on APRO's own website HERE.

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