Saturday, February 5, 2011

Been A Long Time

Hey all,

I know it has been a long time. A lot has been going on in my personal life that has taken priority over all of this. What started out as a break after the elections turned into an extended break. Throw in things happening at home and it just turned into absenteeism on my part.

I am not ready to say I am back, fully, yet. That said, I have had some realizations that I want to share, which will explain some things.

First and foremost, the rage and anger that really drew me to blogging is not there anymore. I do not like what Lacy Clay and the Democrats are trying to do, but I am not enraged as I once was. I am still concerned and at times they anger me, but any more, I pity their small mindedness and stupidity. I am also dismayed with what I see happening amongst those on my side of the political leanings. As I have stated before, I am getting tired of the "you are not a true Conservative" mantra I have heard from some on the right. No one person can say what a true Conservative is or is not. I spoke to these thoughts before and you can read them HERE

Second, there is more to life than politics. When I was writing this blog, I found myself immersed in politics and it is draining. It sucks the life and sometimes joy out of living. I still watch and monitor politics, but I cannot live it like I once did. Some people thrive on it, but I can only do so much. The break helped me realize that. I have decided to focus this blog more on the life of the Middle Class. Politics, school, finances, etc. I think it fits the big picture and will maybe help people understand our perspective. I know that there is someone from the New York Times and the House of Representatives that regularly is checking this site. Maybe they can learn something.

Third, I decided to put my money with my mouth is and started going Galt. You may remember a post I did a few months ago (HERE). My wife and I talked long and hard about it and we are now homeschooling. This is better for us and better for our children. By not relying upon the schools, we can teach our kids for knowledge, not for testing as the public schools have done. We also can teach a curriculum that is best suited for us and not for a teacher's union or an archdiocesan. I have nothing against those who choose to send their kids to public or private school, but we have the option and have chosen to go this route. Less reliance upon the Federal and State Governments is important to me.

Fourth and finally, I started living my life. That means I started doing things that me and my family want to do. Whether that is playing video games, going on mini vacations, having the occasional date nights, etc. Rather than waiting for the other shoe to drop, and thinking I had to stay hyper-alert to the goings on of the world, I started living in balance and moderation. This goes to the way I eat, drink, play, etc. If you cannot enjoy your life now, then what is the purpose.

I hope everyone still continues to read this blog. If not, oh well. It will be a mix of everything from here on out.

Take care,

Middle Class Joe

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