Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Yard Sign Theft


We need your help in the 1st district. Robyn Hamlin's office has been made aware of people stealing yard signs and in one reported case replacing them with signs for Charlie Dooley.

According to Robyn Hamlin as posted on her Facebook page:

We have a voice mail on the campaign phone and a guy says that he is removing 5
of our signs a day from St. Louis City. The call came in from Cutex Corp and I
called them and let them listen to the voicemail. The VP there assured me it was
not one of their employees. We have tracked it back to a truck driver.
..Just got a call from a lady who saw an elderly man taking down our campaign
signs on Shamrock at Howdershell. She said he had a lot of our signs
in his trunk and was putting up Dooley signs.

It is obvious that the opposition is afraid of the message that is being presented. Lacy is just now sending out mailers. He assumed that he was not going to get a fight and Robyn is giving it to him. Check that, Robyn is giving him a fight and YOU are not willing to sit on the sidelines and let him win.

If any of you see these things happening, take a camera phone picture or video. Call the police and email it to Robyn or me. We will post it online and get it all across the blogosphere.

Be vigilent. They are worried and resorting to illegal tactics to keep the message from getting to the voters.

It is happening in other states and we are now seeing signs of it happening here.

Do what you can to help. We CAN win this!


Anonymous said...

Signs by our Campaign Headquarters were removed and left on the ground. Carnahan signs were put up where ours were.

A gentleman from St. Louis City emailed me that his sign was stolen from right by his front door.

This just shows that we need to remove the corruption. If the supporters of other candidates think this is the way to win an election that just shows what type of people they support.

If you have a sign that has been stolen please make a sign and place it. You might put on the sign that your original sign was stolen.

Tea Party Tessi said...

Yard signs don't mean shit! Votes do! Just make sure you cast your vote. I will cast mine the old fashioned way, punch style. I do not trust the electronic machines! I don't put anything past them!