Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Message From Candice

Candice Britton contacted me and asked that I pass the following message on to all of you:

Thank you to all that cast your vote for me on August 3, 2010.
I am sorry I did not get the job done for you.
The people spoke and they hired Mr. Clay.
I respect their vote.
Congratulations’ Mr. Clay.
God Bless to all,
Candice “Britt” Britton


Candice "Britt" Britton said...

Thank you MCjoe for posting my message to the voters. Candice

Anonymous said...

The people have not hired Mr. Clay just yet Britt. This was only round one. I would like to invite all your supporters to visit

Britt, you worked very hard and you had more votes than Clay in many precincts.


Candice "Britt" Britton said...

Thank you Robyn! Good Luck!