Thursday, July 23, 2009

Why am I here

From the title of my blog, you get the gist of my feelings. I am barely middle class, probably closer to upper lower class, but anyone, I am just mad. I look at the world around me and see it going into complete chaos.

I have two kids and I want to see them grow up in a world where they have a chance. In a world that will allow them to succeed and fail based upon their own hard work, capabilities, and pure luck. That world is being taken away from us and it makes me mad.

I go to the store with my wife and shop. We are on a budget, so we have to menu plan to ensure we do not spend more than we have. While we are not eating mac & cheese every night, we are not either prime rib either. We spend enough to give us a decent variety but are buying store brands, using coupons, etc. While we are doing that, we see people pull up in carts and use their food stamp cards to buy cookies, steaks, soda, etc. This abuse of the system makes me madder.

I have worked hard for what we have. My wife and I have sacrificed so that she can be the stay at home mom to our kids that neither of us go to have. We get buy ok and have been able to save up enough money to purchase good used cars, take decent vacations, and afford ourselves the occasional date night and Netflix movies. We do all of this, yet I turn on the news and see a story about some 350 pound woman in a foreclosed house who says she cannot pay her mortgage, her utilities and her bills because she cashed out and did a 5 year arm at a low interest and now cannot afford to refinance. You look at her living room and she has a big screen tv, digital cable, leather furniture and you can see Pizza Hut boxes in the background. This makes me mad as hell.

Since when are we supposed to give everything to those who are not smart enough to plan. Since when are we supposed to help out those who will not help themselves. Why do I have to give up my rights because some people are just too stupid to make it on their own. Everyone has the chance to get an education. It is not my fault you did not study in school. Don't give me the "I had to work to make money," speech because it is crap. I know a lot of people that had to work in high school and college and were still able to do it. These people just did not put the effor forward.

I guess, put simply, I am tired of being quiet. I am tired of sitting on the sidelines while our new president, the congress and the lawmakers slowly but surely take away our rights and money to ensure that they pay the stupid and lazy so they can continue to get re-elected. I am pissed off and am not going to be quiet anymore. That is why I am here and believe me, I am going to say things that people do not want to hear. I am going to speak the truth on behalf of us middle class workers who are getting stamped on from every angle.

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