Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Republicans and Minorities

I thought I would share a couple of youtube videos that I found interesting and profound.  As we go into the next election cycle, there are some intersting things here to consider and think about as we work on campaigns and such.

This is the trailer for a movie that is profound and insightful.  I would suggest that everyone watch this.

and then, let us not foget the words of the great Ronald Reagan in a speech that I find many people are not aware of.  It is interesting to see how timeless his words are, although with Reagan that seemed to always be the case.

I may get flamed for this but I am ok with that.  I bring this up because I am a realist.  In Missouri's first district, we have a large black and a growing hispanic population.  That combined with our large union base does not bode well for Republicans.  If we are to ever get a Republican or a right leaning Libertarian in office, we have to listen to these people.  We have to learn that this is a different audience than we are used to and reach out to them.  Too often we assume that we cannot reach this audience and that is not the case.  As many people stated in these clips and in the movie, many blacks and latinos are social conservatives.  They have just been brainwashed to think that they have to vote Democrat.  We all know that is not he case.


Anonymous said...

Today's social conservative is yesterday's liberal. Any black man today railing against same-sex marriage is the same white guy 40 years ago flailing his arms around about inter-racial marriage.

If you'd stop co-opting the social issues as part of your platform you'd have more room to have actual ideas that would push actual logical governance rather than have to yammer on about what parts of the nation you'd like ruled under Christian-themed theological law.

Middle Class Joe said...

If you have read my blog, you will know that I am one of many who believes in the idea of individual freedoms, fiscal conservatism and a strong national defense.
There are some within the Republican Party that want to dictate social issues. That is not me. In fact, I believe that the government in no way should be involved with any personal liberty issues beyond that of the Constitution.