Monday, January 18, 2010

Abortion, Racism and Homeland Security?

Big hat tip to Jim Hoft on this one.

Today, Dr. Martin Luther King's work is celebrated all across America. We all know the work he did to bridge the gap between races. Now, Dr. Kings neice is speaking out on behalf of the unborn.

In an article posted today on, Dr. Alveda King spoke out against abortion.

Dr. Alveda King, today, is celebrating Uncle’s life and she said he would agree that, when it comes to treating all people with respect, that he would include babies before birth.

“Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke of a Beloved Community where all are treated with respect and dignity,” Alveda King told today.
“He fought against society’s exclusion of people who were treated as less than human because of their appearance," she added. "Today, we are compelled to continue Uncle Martin’s fight by standing up for those who are treated as less than human because of their helplessness and inconvenience."

King told, “The unborn are as much a part of the Beloved Community as are newborns, infants, teenagers, adults, and the elderly."

The niece of the great civil rights leader also said those who follow his ideals of tolerance don't always show that to unborn children.

"Too many of us speak of tolerance and inclusion, yet refuse to tolerate or include the weakest and most innocent among us in the human family," she said.

King concludes, "As we celebrate the life of Uncle Martin, let us renew our hearts and commit our lives to treating each other, whatever our race, status, or stage of life, as we would want to be treated. Let us let each other live."

King had an abortion but now speaks out for protecting human life. She has called abortion and racism "evil twins."
This is a powerful sentiment considering Dr. Kings background and legacy.
Hearing this I had to wonder. Based upon Janet Napolitano's previous statements in early 2009, I wonder if she would qualify Dr. Alveda King as an extremist or even a terrorist. You will remeber that Janet Napolitano said that "groups and individuals that are dedicated to a single issue, such as opposition to abortion" may be considered right wing extremist. How would Ms. Napolitano regard Dr. Martin Luther King during the civil rights movement? It's just something to think about.
Am I being unfair? Tell me if you think so.

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Anonymous said...

Good points. She would classify MLK as a "terrorist" - in fact, these elitists view anyone who opposes their eugenic population control efforts as "Terrorists". Have you watched the 2 hour documentary about Eugenics, Population Control, Margaret Sanger, and Planned Parenthood called: maafa21 Black Genocide in 21st Century America? It is a MUST SEE and extremely well documented and Alveda King is in the film. You can get it here: